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Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

It's back to school time and teachers all over the world are looking for creative bulletin board ideas that will make learning a fun process. Here are some ideas from It's School Time for educational and creative bulletin boards for your classroom:
Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Do You Know Bulletin Boards

Teach students about animals, flowers, birds, fruits, vehicles, inventions and almost anything with a 'Do You Know' bulletin board. Use a large cutout of the object and list several interesting and useful facts about it. Change the content to feature the topic being taught in class.
Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

2. Seasonal Health Bulletin Boards

Reflect the change in seasons with the content on your bulletin boards. Write facts about the weather and climate, recommended diet and precautionary measures for the season to make students aware of their health.

Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

3. 'Classroom Garden' Bulletin Boards

Assign students to bring small cutouts of different potted plants that start with the first letter of their names. Glue these on to the bulletin board with 2-3 important details about the plant written beneath the cutout. Assign the size of the cutouts depending upon the number of students in your class.

Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

4. 'Classroom Tree' Bulletin Boards

Let students find their share of space in the school with this bulletin board idea. Pin a large cutout of a tree on to the bulletin board. Give all students a leaf template and an average size requirement for a leaf (based on the number of students) and ask them to bring a cutout of it on green craft paper with their names written on it. Then ask each student to pin their leaf on the cutout to complete the tree.

Back To School Bulletin Board IdeasBack To School Bulletin Board Ideas

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