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Eyes and Heart

In Chinese, there is a saying: "Treat your Eyes like your Treasure!"

Eyes and the liver are closely related in TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, and the Chinese believe a strong liver and kidney will prevent us from aging.

Eyes and HeartIn hospitals, new born babies are checked for jaundice, a common liver condition that reveals a yellow colour in the eyes and skin. The liver is our body's most important organ after the heart, performing many important functions including metabolism, detoxification and the formation of important compounds including blood clotting factors. A weak liver may affect memory, sleep, thyroid, body weight and one's mood.

In Iridology, (a system to analyze the health through reading the iris) every organ is connected to the iris via the nervous system. The nerve fibers receive their impulses through the optic nerve, optic thalami, and the spinal cord.

Naturally, when our eyes are strong, the energy will reflect back to all parts of the body. This supports the function of our liver.

How does China help the children with their Eyesight?

China has about 400 millions students today. Chinese children typically start their formal education at age of two. Citizens must attend school which is free for at least nine years for middle and high school. According to data from China's Ministry of Education, China has a 99% attendance rate for primary school.

While the children are attending schools, they are required to join the scheduled fitness exercises which include a form of Eye movements.

The writer visited the schools in China in 2006 and noticed that most children do not need to wear eye glasses.

How was the eye qigong created in China?

In the late 1980s, there was a legendary master called Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. He travelled a lot due to his work and one day returned home to his mother. At that time, his mother who was in his 80s eyes' were bleeding. She was going to go blind. Grandmaster Wu was a Qi Gong master who was involved in research studies for China. He experimented created a new form of Eye Qi Gong and taught her mother. At the same time, he was doing external Qi transmission to her mother's eyes. His mother quickly recovered could later put a thread through a needle.

This amazing result led to a series of new research studies in China.

From 1990 to 1992, Grandmaster Wu led a 100-person medical team to perform a three-year repetitive scientific research study on 4,000 people on using Eye Qi Form to to heal eye problems. The Eye form has proven to have over 90% success rate especially on myopia problems.

In 1991, the Eye form was videotaped as a medical educational tape for distribution all over China.

Due to this success, millions of people have practiced the style throughout China, including students in primary and secondary schools. China presented different awards for this accomplishment.:

1991 - Guangdong Province Board of Education

1992 - Guangzhou City Physical Education and Science Association

1992 - Guangzhou City Primary School Physical Education and Health Research Association

1993 - Guangzhou Province Preventive Medical Association

This Eye Qi Gong form is later named as: Wu's Eye Qi Gong™

How does Qi Gong help the eyes?

When we are young and strong, we have lots of energy and good blood circulation. In Chinese we call this "strong Qi". When Qi flows, it brings blood to nourish all parts of our body. When we are weak or sick, besides taking medicines or acupuncture, we can also practice Qi Gong to flow the Qi. When Qi flows, symptoms and health problems improve.

Our Eyes like any part of the body also requires the same help, a nice flow of Qi Energy in the eyes.

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